Portfolio Personal and Professional Projects

Animated Transitions in Virtual Reality

A study of how previous research on animated transitions applies in the new domain of VR HMDs.

Interfaces for Programming By Demonstration

Created a novel interface to enable users to demonstrate a sequence of actions to a Programming by Demonstration system.

Who Has The Time?

Performed and coded qualitative semi-structured interviews examining how communication technology is used to mediate personal relationships across time zones.

Computer Graphics Projects

Selection of projects from graduate course in Computer Graphics. Learned graphics fundamentals such as shaders and raytracing.

Golden Monkey Award for Best Project.

Control of Extra Limbs in Virtual Reality

A prototype and user study investigating the proprioceptive effects of controlling a distorted body in VR.

Transcriptomic Characterization of Cortical T1-w/T2-w Ratio MRI

My undergraduate thesis project, using the Allen Human Brain Atlas to find genetic correlates of pixel intensity in MRI data.

Research published in NeuroImage.

Automatic Priority Classification for Online Peer-Support

Using forum posts to automatically detect suicidality, as part of the Computational Linguistics and Clinical Psychology Workshop Shared Task 2017.

Guide to Eating Ontario Fish (GEOF) App

Developed a mobile/web application targeted at Indigenous communities in Northern Ontario, to make government guidelines for fish consumption easier to navigate.

Presented at Up North On Climate.

Mobile-Controlled Plotter

My undergraduate capstone design project. With a team of 4 other students, I created a vector graphics plotter design and mobile application.

Second Place at the 2017 Orbis Design Challenge.

Algorithms for Control of Building-Scale Tensegrity Structures

I wrote code for efficient path-planning on a highly nonlinear deployable footbrige structure, and automatic detection of structural damage.

Software Tools for Design of FPGA devices

During a year working in industry at Intel Programmable Solutions Group, I developed software tools for cutting-edge programmable logic devices.

Computer-Aided Design of Tunnels in Deep Rock

As part of a research internship at RocScience Inc., I designed tools to aid mining engineers model large squeezing deformations during tunnel design.

User Evaluation of Smart Blanket System

I designed and performed a user study to evaluate the usefulness of a wearable smart blanket device to detect breathing rate using accelerometer data.

Age-CAP: An Assistive App for Seniors

Age-CAP uses crowdsourcing to allow seniors to report accessibility problems in their communities.

Presented at uNERD 2013.