User Evaluation of Smart Blanket System

Signal Processing for Ubiquitous Computing

Non-Invasive Breathing Rate Detection

As part of my summer internship at IATSL, I had the chance to run a user study to collect data using an accelerometer-based smart blanket system.

I designed a data collection protocol where participants would rest under the blanket in a variety of sleeping positions. The test was performed in the Home Lab at the Toronto Rehabiliation Institute.

After this, I performed analysis in MATLAB in an attempt to automatically detect the sleeping position and breathing rate of the participants from the accelerometer data.

Contributions: Evaluation. The smart blanket was designed and constructed by Samar Sabie and other researchers at the Responsive Architecture at Daniels (RAD) Lab. Prof. Azadeh Yadollahi aided in the design of the study and the analysis of the data. Image courtesy of RAD Lab