User Interface Design and Accessibility

An Assistive App for Seniors

Age-CAP was designed to gather crowd-sourced data on accessibility by empowering seniors and their caretakers to report locations where they had positive or negative experiences. Detailed questionnaires to determine the accessibility of a variety of locations and sevices (restaurants, libraries, bus routes, etc.) were developed in partnership with occupational therapists who had clinical experience working with seniors

Building off an existing single-platform alpha version of the app, I built a cross-platform HTML5 application (from scratch) that ran on Android, iOS and web browsers. The finished application has been running for over 5 years and is still accessible today at

This was my first experience writing production-level code, and I learned a great deal by deploying and maintaining the different versions of the application. By researching the specific usability requirements that are involved in solutions targeted at seniors, I also gained experience developing solutions for populations with unique needs.

Contributions: Implementation. Manas Bhatnagar and Prof. Alex Mihailidis developed the concept and initial prototype for the Age-CAP application, and Prof. Mihailidis oversaw my contribution to the project.